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Start a Career at a Growing Startup!

GigaLayer empowers real people that create websites and establish online presence. We're doing this by building a foundation of incredible technology & design that will see the light of decades and most importantly we're just getting started.

Perks with GigaLayer:

ROLE: Communications Jedi

About the Role:

A Communications Jedi is a staff in the Sales/Marketing department responsible for selling products of GigaLayer, interacting with potential customers, closing deals and representing us publicly while preparing reports on conversations and sales using CRM Softwares.

A Jedi needs to have customer service skills with the attitude and personality that makes them suitable to work with people (our customers and their co-workers!) and make those people happy.

To ensure quality delivery to their leads, and attract more customers. GigaLayer lets a Jedi work from wherever they want, as long as they have a reliable high speed Internet connection that can link them up with our internal communication tools. Jedis can work reliably and be depended upon .

Basics Requirements for a Jedi:

  • Must be customer-focused, and willing to do whatever it takes to resolve potential-customer issues. Going above and beyond is the standard at GigaLayer.
  • Excellent written and spoken English. A Jedi must be quick to provide helpful and friendly answers over the phone and live chat to potential customers.
  • Must be familiar with Web Hosting
  • Must be familiar with DNS and Domain Names
  • Must be able to Multi-task (attend to potential customers simultaneously without confusions).
  • Must be able to ask potential customers abou their challenges or derive the context of their problem if they provide insufficient information.
  • Must be able to Sell. The whole job is about selling!

Bonus Skills:

If our Jedi knows this stuff already, great. If not, they'll learn it in training and on the job:
  • Basic knowledge of web server technology such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, and other standard technologies.
  • Working knowledge of a CRM software
  • Basic understanding of how website and internet work
  • Basic understanding of programming languages
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ROLE: Internship

About the Role:

You will be working with our Operations team, to improve your knowledge of web technology and also business processes in general. You will be learning how to interact with customers.

An Intern needs to have the attitude and curiousity to learn, apply and grow themselves.

You will be on a crash course and training for 1 week on the job. You will also be paid!

Basics Requirements for an Intern:

  • In a tertiary institution or just graduated
  • Computer operations skills
  • Good spoken and written english
  • Experience with internet services
  • Ability to communicate fluently.

Bonus Skills:

If an Intern knows this stuff already, great. If not, they'll learn it in training and on the job:
  • Web Hosting & Domains
  • Customer Support
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